Winter Vestibule Enclosures

Winter vestibule enclosures act as a buffer zone between the interior and the exterior of a building to mitigate the impact of cold weather during winter months.

Winter vestibules serve several important purposes:

By providing an extra layer of insulation and a barrier from wind, winter vestibules help prevent heat loss from the building’s interior to the outside, and vice versa. This can significantly reduce energy consumption and heating costs, as it prevents the influx of cold air and keeps the warmth generated inside the building contained.

Vestibules act as a buffer against wind and drafts, creating a transitional area where you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your establishment without letting cold air directly into the main interior space.

During snowy or wet weather, winter vestibules help prevent the ingress of snow, rain, and moisture into the main building, keeping the interior dry and safe.

By maintaining a more stable and comfortable interior temperature, winter vestibules provide a pleasant entry experience for visitors and occupants alike.

Winter vestibules can be found in various types of buildings, including residential homes, office buildings, hotels, and public facilities. In colder climates, they are particularly common and considered essential in building design to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort during the winter months.

Our seasonal fabric vestibule enclosures

Our seasonal fabric vestibule enclosures are helpful to properly shield your restaurant or store front interior space from the harsh winds and climates of the Washington DC winters. They make it possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in your establishment. These wind door vestibule structures are fabricated with a high-grade aluminum frame, fade and weather resistant Sunbrella canvas fabric. Upon our installation service you will notice immediately that our vestibule enclosures are not only sturdy and secure but are assembled to keep water, wind, and debris out. Our winter vestibules are custom made to fit any entrance way or building frontage and with our design team at your disposal, we can add any type of graphic you require. They can have simple lettering or a logo on the door or window, we apply long lasting super durable graphics on the outer surface of your custom vestibule enclosure, or we can digitally print the fabric to look exactly like your brand or advertisement.

We provide seasonal storage services for your custom enclosure. We will remove your vestibule or enclosure in spring and return it for re installation in the fall. During this period, we will assess any repairs and provide you with the information needed to get your vestibule ready for the following season. This will ensure a clean, well-maintained structure for years to come.

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